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League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. Inspired by Defense of the Ancients, the game follows a freemium model. The game was released on October 27, 2009. An abridged version of the game called League of Legends: Wild Rift for mobile and console, was announced on October 15, 2019.


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pig benis says

"Balance team should be changed, game has been in a retarded state for a decade now."

tony says


Joseph Gossel says

"This is truly a garbage game! They ban for trash talk but not for cheating... They revamped the item list but removed item stacking. Balanced and nerfed multiple champs, but not the most scripted ones! Zed, ez, etc. They removed the win/loss blue essence, you have to gain players levels to buy champs without spending money. At level 18, you'll be playing 15-20 games."

Elt says

"Trash game, client always laggy and bugged out, balance team is a joke"

Kim Drake Wolf Lover says

"Too many new champs, so unbalanced its a joke. As soon as you start winning a few games riot puts you in losers queue with rubbish players so you stay at 50% WR what's the point?"


"This game is the best game ever keep making your games amazing!"

Benedikt Meyer says

"horrible game."

Imaginable Fun says

"This game is horrible, I have loved playing this game at the beginning. Currently I am level 30 and I keep playing against 80 and 120 players! This ruins the games fun since I keep getting destroyed and can't even do a single move!"

Riven Senpai says

"I hope all in riots team have to suddenly leave the company so that someone with passion revives this dead game. Also kys for not banning trolls and kys for releasing season 11 and kys for not nerfing Fizz."

nia Roma says

"They informe me that they have 0 tolerance policy ,i done nothing wrong got permanent banned for 140 years ,while i done nothing to harm the game , someone step to play mid/top as support(ranked que game) and swear and insult me , then there were more people join his fate because they were happy to gain extra help while i was struggle to play 1 vs 2 and be insulted . I just step to disencourage his behaviour by telling him that he gets the replay sended to support analyse and somehow i ended up being permanent banned for disencourage " threats have 0 tolerance" . So thrustful company to pay stuffs to use and be banned for nothing , then you step to bypass them justice system as a sort of joke and flame/troll/grief i done after they provoke me is 30000% more worse than my behaviour back then , i ban hammer others because the company allowed me to exploit them justice system(with no consequences ,you are too easy bypass any sort of justice mechanisms they could do , they could stop it only if they hire a man which has experience and understand humans behaviour in the game - i am far more upper than anyone psihology and can exploit human reactions and can push people to react based on a pattern -because i know to read people strength in terms of mental state - i can make someone completly lost his mind ), like everyone did it since permanent bans been inserted , told them about this and about outnumbered evidence that the game behaviour is different across diferent lanes you play and in some certain spots you are so much exposed to toxicity and to people which troll/grief/flame that you are more likely to get towards a permanent ban with statistics and proofs of that - they ignored . I tryed to make a middle ground to help them to detect and improve justice system and make the game better all ignored me , no devs contact -clearly they know better than me why troll/grief/flame occurs and how they can fix it ,because the game is wonderful working right now. Think about how many ways you can provoke people , up on this i can take an outnumbered people to be toxic in a single game , more than 5 players because i can exploit human nature - winners/lossers always going to be someone in each team which gets toxic ( the mather is how you do it -that's my darkest secret and is delightful to see you can actually ban hammer in such a short time so many players). It is what it is , go in hell Riot Games , i just give you back what you payd to me ,cause i believe you lost my fate of playing this game in peace ,there can be only war among your filthy sense of justice , not gonna regret any money you lost and any one who i save from being addicted to this game ,and seeing your true face of justice."

Pharaoh Omeganaise says

"The whole community and the matchmaking system is total garbage. Newbies tend to screwup the game, trolls be feeding the enemy or refuse to help, no proper punishment report system, and most of all everything is all about money so screw this game!!! Dont spend a penny unless your voice is heard!!!"

Rektd Rektd says

"People are snowflakes, and i get suspended for typing ky s but not in the same line, which means nothing, or kys=kiss your sister(on the cheek) so riot, fack your game and go fack yourselves people are allowed to int, troll me and if i type i get suspended, fack this game and you dumbasses!"

Justin Statz says

"They always get the reports wrong."

B. Pet says

"Played this game since the beginning and stopped 2 years ago. Currently tried to play it again but now it's even worse. The game now depends even heavily on the gameplay of your teammates and it's enough to have 1,2 who can ruin the experience for your from the 4 random players. If you want to get frustrated, play this game. If you want to have fun go try something else. I really wonder why people are still playing this excuse of a game."

Pticija lixsfas says

"Freaking piece of crap game i wish i never started playing it."

Justaplayer says

"So... Where should i start. I've been playing this game since season 3. Although i never could get into higher than D1, I've had some inside views of the game. First of all congrats for the visualization and the music team backwards on, for the SR remake and Pentakill (still one of my favourite albums). Secondary... The pace and the aim of the game has change very much over the few years... (There's a riot introducing shortfilm on netflix, highly recommending it). From that we know, how small the riot company was when it first had the idea of a wow-dota crossover moba game. Its aim was to make a game that players could enjoy, and make great inventions of champions, items comboes, etc. In comparison what you see nowadays is 4 tanks in a game, or a Kayle/Kassadin. And you know you're gonna loose, cause your team responds with "tg" to some useful guidance and your job as a laner is meaningless, cause you might get then into 0/10, they feed him and eventually he carries the game down. So you go into a game and even at the loading screen you can see that it's gonna waste 20-40 minutes of your life. Try to not get frustrated! And for this, obviously, the biggest part of the community, the low-elo players are insanely toxic and tryharding, cause they get and ego boost by playing broken, unbalanced champ, unkownly forcing them to tryhard even more, and ruin the casual experience of the game. Every 4/5 games you'll get a troll/afk/afk farm, etc. for the reasons i've mentioned above. Tertiary: So you have (about) 155 champs, right? Then may i get a reason why i can only see 20-25 of them no matter how many games i play? Again: Tryharding. But the saddest part is that they are broken in EVERY aspect of the game. When a kassadin, a late game champ can oneshot you in early game, and you are useless against him as an AD assassin, or hen fiora, the model of anti tank is useless against tanks (we'll get to it later, at the items), or when an adc's most broken way is getting it to ap. Just why. I know it looks cool in the LCS and WCS, but we don't have that type of level, and it's boring here. Quaternary: The items. I get it. I have 5k hours in league, 6k in WoW, I do know how a constant change is important to a game. But as in everything else, quality over quantity. And I accept that you've wanted the most out of the game, but is this surely the way? When tanks become gods only with one item, immobilized adc's get a mobility, so you can't even outplay them while they are destroying youm or an item that doubles the dmg buff of conqueror, so you can't properly 1v1 that particular champ. I can only visualize it with wow. World of Warcraft BfA had a lot of changes, half of the playerbase quit the game. Howewer, WoD had half of the changes, players still enjoyed their raids and dungeons, because they were one of the best ones in wow history (as always, pardon for the exceptions, and i can't speak in anyone's name, these are my own reviews and observations). (These are going to be my own oppinions.) Quinary: The gamemodes. I realyl like what you've did with Odyssey. In fact, that's my favourite gamemode in lol. and yet, You only see one for all and Urf. and not even Arurf, to motivate people to think and get creative with their given situation, no. Same bans, same picks everytime. Like a ranked without LP but with the same frustration and tryhard. Boring. as everything, Odyssey had its meta builds for questing, but with the perks and the items, the customization, you had PLENTY of choices and ways to make it entertaining. splash-hit malphite, rocket-bomber jinx, etc. It forced the players to think. and that was great. now in the shop, you get the recommended item to oyur face with a 1920*1080 size. Way to keep the motivation to think low... I'm quitting after many years of fun. I really liked your game. But that's the past. Au revoir."


"Bad Shop Broken Champs Toxic community The game is so unfair to YOU, that if u report someone for feeding, he will not get suspended but if u try to leave the game, u will get suspended for not willing to play with feeders. Just no use to play that parody of MOBA game. In every game there is a Yasuo, Yone and Zed. 150 Champions and everyone is playing only those 3. I am tired and sick of all that bulls$^t. Every new Champion can dash, stun, leap, stun again, deal damage, flash and get movement speed and all those reworks of old champs makes 0 happiness, since they reworked my pantheon, this game was dead for me and always will be. EVERY GAME IS BORING."

Zach M says

"Garbage in every aspect."

Akeno says

"I lost like 4 months of my life and money to see how this game is worst popular game EVER"

Kathi Hindman Pettit says

"why are you changing how the whole game is played?! I used to play this game all the time in solo Q and with 5 friends. we would have times we played most every night and times we wouldn't play for months at a time. ROIT LISTEN. you have change your game so much that all my friends have missed out on changes and refuse to play and my personal ranked climb has died completely. league sucks now... in a matter of months my favorite game is dead"

Robert Stilcke says

"Lol is not able to programm an almost balanced game. Tanks should be able to take dmg but they dont. Man worst game on planet"

Alex says

"Don't waste your time on it. Design logic is so stupid."

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